Nedim, was born in Bagdad 1962. Since 1994 he residing and working permanently in the Netherlands as multidisciplinary visual artist. Kufi completed his education (graphic design and multimedia) with distinction at the HKU in the Netherlands in 2002. As conceptual artist, he put his serious energy into many international events around the world. His work often compares Middle Eastern culture and European culture through images and thoughts vested in ambiguity and paradox. kufi s internationally seeks the gaps within rationality, similarity and contradiction. He is a strong believer in minimalism and through this he hopes to influence the audience's perception through repetition and overlapping structures. He wishes to remind the viewers of their identities, cognition and social experiences. kufi's recent works manifest the narration of cultural identity in a historical dimension. It's been long journey with drawing and re-editing on the Islamic Art tradition of repetition and patterning, most of his work refers to that important influence, and expressing how he proud of it. In some cases in exchanges of populations and of corresponding art practices and techniques. He is truly influenced by (Andalusia- Al Hamra) the most beautiful inspiring place he ever visits as it is not only an art process but a way of life, style of life, he fostered the development of a distinctive method with his own unique artistic language. Practicing with 3d vision may help to find clear communication tool, He believes, for visualizing dreams; his virtual projects very often came across to his mind in order to bring that forms or models into reality as priority he considered his career as (researcher) or an inquisitive hardly looking for the fact of our emotions toward finding unique virtuoso language there must be an alphabet founded that visual artist can reach the other eyes with it, from here just his starting point of his Artistic message through bilingual visionary kufi trying all the time to share a common sky that now days all artists simply dealing with, it means globally he is getting involved not under any flag or any tent, the spirit of his work is totally open, daily changing upon mood or circumstances, its beyond the concept of identity or any other belonging good Art could solves problems, he strongly believes and should reflect as the river, interact as the earth, and mostly reacting as intimate friend in his case, Art is new information that honestly created with passion

curriculum vitae


2018 Sneak Peek / Artist Residency / Macam museum / Alita - Lebanon
2017 verticality / Dar Alanda / Amman
2015 identity / Imaar / Dubai
2015 Habibi Project / Amersfoort / Netherland
2014 The Perfumer / Al Bareh Art Gallery / Manama
2011 TAZ Potsdam / Berlin
2011 20 seasons a day / Sultan Gallery / Kuwait
2010 Abu Dhabi Art fair / signature booth / Abu Dhabi UAE
2010 AB Gallery / Switzerland
2009 The moon follows us / Sultan gallery / Kuwait
2008 Soap & Silence / La fountain Gallery / Manama
2007 The manuscript / Lines Art gallery / Amman
2006 Attar in Beirut / Espace SD / Beirut
2005 Attar from Bagdad / 4 Walls Gallery / Amman
2005 Das Erbe / Merath / Inter-Galerie / Potsdam, Berlin
2003 Garden of eden / The Phatory / New York
2003 Postman /Agial Art Gallery / Beirut
2003 Earth & ink / gallery 108 / Boston
2002 Art like Mercury / Agial Art Gallery / Beirut
1992 1993 1994 / French cultural center / Amman


2018 Selections Cultural Narratives / Alserkal Avenue / Dubai
2017 The poetic of Absence / 1x1 Art Gallery / Dubai UAE
2017 Amman Design week / Amman
2014 Marya Art Centre / Sharjah UAE
2013 Art Abu Dhabi / Abu Dhabi UAE
2013 (Dis-orient) / SUMARRIALUNN Gallery / London
2013 25 years of creativity / Institute de mond Arab / Manama
2012 25 years of creativity / Institute de mond Arab / Paris
2012 Art in Iraq today / Beirut Art Centre / Meem gallery / Beirut
2011 Seeing is Believing / KW / Berlin
2011 Art Dubai / Dubai UAE
2011 Continuum / Intervention Gallery / London
2010 skyward / Dubai UAE
2010 Beiru Art Fair / Beirut
2010 Modern & Contemporary Middle Eastern / Bonhams / London
2010 Willem Baars Galley / Amsterdam
2009 The Emarat Through Arab Eyes / Ayyam Gallery / Dubai
2009 Cosmopolite / for Hollands Bridge / Amsterdam
2009 Barjeel Foundation / Sharjah
2008 Iraqi Artists in Exile / Station Museum / Houston
2007 Iraqi Equation / Tapies Foundation / Becelona
2007 Iraqi Equation / KW / Berlin
2007 Daftar project / Kuf Mold / Sweden
2007 Red Zone / Green Zone / Free Academy / GEMAK / The Hague
2007 The Iraqi Equation / BildMuseet / Umea
2007 In Focus This Day / Tate Modern / London
2007 Recognize / contemporary art platform / London
2005 Sursock Museum / Beirut
2005 Dafater contemporary Iraqi book Art / University of North Texas art gallery / Texas
2004 Extending Vision / Triangle Art Residency DUMBO / New York
2001 Cairo Biennale / Cairo
1992 1993 1994 Darat Al funun / Shuman foundation / Amman